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The Ride
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"In any surfer's allotted days, if the planets are in alignment, and if you are very lucky, the ride of a lifetime may come as a wonder to be treasured. Let my story bring you a little of my life and how such a ride came to be." 

From a story by Bill Wise titled "The Ride" published in The Surfer's Journal Vol 1 # 2 May 1992.  

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                                                 Richard Brassard photos

On June 14, 1985 Mickey Munoz lashed Bill in his wheelchair like Ahab to Moby Dick on Malia, Mickey's 33' sailing catamaran.  It had been almost 20 years since they surfed together on the day of Bill's accident.  Mickey sailed Bill south from Dana Point harbor to Trestles under a fair wind. Arriving at Lower Trestles with waves at 4-5'  Mickey caught a wave and Bill was riding once again. Bill was surprised, stoked and choked up. Tears flowed, followed by hugs and giant grins. Two friends were riding waves together...again.   

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