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July 4, 1964 - Ocean City.  

Mike Hynson surfs at 18th St. OC on July 4 1964.  Hobie & Bruce Brown came to town with the Endless Summer premier & a surfing demonstration by Phil Edwards, Hobie, Mike, & Corky Carroll. Thousands watched from beach and boardwalk in front of The Eastern Surfer shop. Bill took this picture from  outside the break with a camera in an underwater housing.  This photo appeared in Surfer Magazine Vol 5 # 6, Jan '64.  


Ocean City Contest - 1967 

The mayor awards Joey Hamasaki  the women's trophy. Dewey Weber & Mike Tabeling look on.  Bill was a judge in this contest. Mike Quillin Photo 


Img46.jpg Likewise Bikinis - 1968

In 1967, on a trip to Hawaii, Bill & Rosalie Wise noticed girls in bikinis. They returned home with a business idea. Likewise Bikinis opened in Ocean City on Somerset  St.  Models in bikinis made by Likewise were photographed by Bill. This fetching composition circa summer 1969.    


Aussies Visit Ocean City - 1969

Peter Troy & pals discuss surfing in front of Likewise in 1969. Peter lived with aborigines in the Kalahari, traveled Africa, as well as being the first surfer to ride waves in other remote areas of the world. Peter seems to be distracted. Possibly by a  passing bikini customer. Bill also met and interviewed Nat Young for Bill's Beachcomber surfing column. Rosalie Wise photo.



Photos From a Wheelchair
Bill rigged a handle for focusing his camera with paralyzed hands and tripped the shutter release with his teeth.  His surfing photography improved.  No longer did he abandon the camera for a board when the waves got good. Rosalie Wise photo.


Eddie at Outside Pipeline - 1967
Eddie Aikau blown out and over the shoulder of a dark, monster wave at third reef pipeline.  Jose Angel was paddling out. Both young men later met their death in the ocean. Greg Noll completed the trio out that day.  Bill was alone on the beach at Ehukai Park when he captured this picture from his chair. A moment earlier Eddie was locked in the wave that towered over and around him. A blast of wind moved Bill's camera away at the critical time.  This is his recovery shot - a tick late. 

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