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Hurricane Gerda in 1968 brought waves to Ocean City.  Al Johnson drops in at 27th Steet and wails.......

crank 72.jpg

Crank! Bill having fun on a Delaware wave - 1964..........

                                                                                                 Img10.png   Bill Helmuth carving a turn in Ocean City 1968 - This picture appeared in SURFER MAGAZINE  Vol 10 #3, July 1969 and was mislabeled with another name! It took 36 years to make it right.  Apologies to Bill who was then, and is now, a helluva surfer, pioneer &  good friend. Bill Wise Photo. 



                   Cool control - Steve White - June 16, 1965 - Ocean City Inlet Jetty


Img52.jpg   Rinconesque - Skill on glass in OC '68 This photo appeared in "The Bill Wise Story" - Surfer Magazine V 10 # 3  July '69  and again in "Gifts & Losses" V 32 # 11 Sept '91  

   Img25.jpg         Img53.jpg  

                                                           Rick Walker - Indian River North Side '67  

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